One of the greatest benefits of living in the Marina emaar beachfront here is that you don’t need a car to get there! There are 2 metro stations within walking turn away from of most of the available buildingsDAMAC PROPERTIES (which used to be known as Dubai Marina) & Jumeirah Lake Towers, appropriately you can hop on a train & get a propos town in no time! therefore if you aren’t adjacent to one of them, just get on the super convenient Dubai Tram. A tram is plus a wonderful showing off to get to JBR, but, to be honest, most people helpfully annoyed the footbridge! Dubai might be on the outskirts of a desert but both residents and visitors know the city for its pretty beaches! Whereas additional areas of the city have become a car or a taxi ride from a beach, those who conscious in Dubai quay beachfront emaar can travel to the public beach in such a business of minutes, making it a absolute place to enjoy your bronze, a refreshing dip in a sea or perhaps an impromptu camel ride in one of the beach’s vehicles.

Instantly recognisable address

Dubai beachfront emaar is without doubt one of the city most well-known neighbourhoods. It’s one everyone knows, even even if they’re straight off a plane! It is one of the greatest-loved hotspots in the UAE, whereby residents & visitors know that good enough is never compromised & never a dull moment is present.

Its got it all!

Staying in Dubai haven is a ease of understanding desire which offers anything from accessible cafes and restaurants to big hypermarkets. The neighborhood next has banks, pharmacies, a extremely well-respected Medcare Medical Centre, state-of -the-art gyms, easily hailable taxis and more.Thus staying at beachfront emaar is leisure for the relatives and one environment like on vacation every the time.